Participation Commitment


  • Teacher agrees to participate in a one-day inservice workshop (Wednesday, 9/16/15);
  • Teacher agrees to integrate the Quail in the Classroom (QIC) Program in the classroom with students;
  • Teacher agrees to do a demonstration quail habitat enhancement project;
  • Teacher agrees to have a QIC exhibit in their home school;
  • Teacher agrees to have students keep a journal of the QIC project;
  • Teacher agrees to have students prepare a powerpoint presentation of their QIC experiences;
  • Teacher agrees to provide good stewardship of all equipment (and prompt return of borrowed equipment if class leaves the program*;
  • Teacher agrees to ensure that from egg to chick that they will be cared for appropriately including food, water and cleanliness.

A site visit is available to your school by a representative from the New Jersey Quail Project should you want to discuss the possibilities of hatching quail at your school for hardening and release.

The benefit of participating in this project and providing a hands-on learning experience of caring for the eggs through hatching and release is immeasurable. The true impact will be on the heightened awareness of the importance and stewardship of wildlife habitat.

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* If for any reason a class needs to leave the Quail in the Classroom Program, contact NJ Quail Project and we will find an appropriate home/caregiver for the eggs or chicks.