67 Quail at Archbishop Damiano School

Last Spring, the students and staff thought our hatch of 20 quail was a big hatch.  We were amazed with this year’s hatch of 67–so cute, so many, and so much more work! Why did so many more eggs hatch?  We believe that we had a better understanding of the need to monitor the equipment (particularly the egg turner) and the humidity levels in the incubator.

66 of our chicks are strong and healthy.  The 67th, born late in the hatch, has a bad hip similar to last year’s Tiny Tim.  Unfortunately this year’s special little quail does not respond to splinting.  Our physical therapist, Andrea, has tried with no luck.  However, “Chester” can get around the brooder box and is growing.

Right now, 55 of the chicks are in a Pack ‘N Play playpen.  The other 12 (including Chester), are in a tupperware brooder box.

The staff and students have been busy grinding food, changing water and litter, and visiting with our chicks.  A volunteer crew will help catch, crate, and load the chicks to travel to their long weekend vacation home.