20 quail “teenagers”


Our 20 quail “teenagers” at Archbishop Damiano School have graduated from a tupperware box to a Pack ‘N Play play pen covered with a screen.  Our students are enjoying watching the quail stretch their wings and flutter around the play pen.

How many quail can stay together in brood pen?

We have about 40 2 wk old quail in the 54 gal rubbermaid tub.  They have been difficult to keep supplied with water over the weekend and seem to be getting a bit crowded.  Is this too many birds in 1 brood pen?

[As the chicks grow, they will require at least an area that allows 3 chicks per square foot.  If they are too crowded, they will start to peck each other.]

Why Quail in the Classroom?


Currently, many students are not at all aware of this fascinating species of bird and its devastating loss of habitat.  The Quail in the Classroom program provides interactive opportunities for students to learn about the habitat requirements and the life cycle of the Bobwhite, and the need to manage and enhance the habitat for this remarkable and elusive bird.  There has been an onset of “Quail Fever”.

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