Why Quail in the Classroom?

Currently, many students are not at all aware of this fascinating species of bird and its devastating loss of habitat.  The Quail in the Classroom program provides interactive opportunities for students to learn about the habitat requirements and the life cycle of the Bobwhite, and the need to manage and enhance the habitat for this remarkable and elusive bird.  There has been an onset of “Quail Fever”.

A series of interactive workshops for educators is offered.  Trained teachers and their motivated students are encouraged to participate in projects that will raise healthy quail chicks to release, to enhance suitable habitat, and to create an understanding of this wildlife resource.  These projects will have an enduring impact on these students and their future attitudes toward the importance of sound wildlife management.

Partners include the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Environmental Projects (NJ Quail Project) and the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife.

The majority of funding has been provided by New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Conservation Foundation partners and individual donors.